Thursday, February 11, 2010

Working, cooking, cooking, working

As I putter around my kitchen making bread and thinking about what I want to eat, I realize I have to cook...... but I'm hungry now. I do have some premade meals but I prefer to take those to work so I guess that leaves me one choice, I'll cook. 2 more days until I go to the grocery store so my choices are limited I'll make rice and eggs with some vegetables :-) and two cups of soy to tie me over until it is ready.

I have $10.00 to spend for this week ahead, I need veggies, fruit, soy and some meat. That is big streach for $10.00 I hope there are some great deals this week. This must be a very common issue on $80.00 a month. I feel like those commercials were they show someone picking shelter over food. I'm really wondering if I can do it. We will see.

Today's meals

breakfast - 2 servings of wheatabix
snack 1 - 2 servings bread
lunch - 1 serving beans, 1 servings corn and 1 serving bok choy
snack - 1 serving pork
snack - 2 servings soy
supper - 1 serving rice, 2 servings eggs, 1 serving peas
snack - 2 servings bread (once it is done cooking)
6 cups water, 2 cups tea, 1 serving juice


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