Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I want candy

So my last post was about temptation. Well, it hasn't been going away. I still want candy, and chocolate and cakes. I don't really understand it either. The first time we did this diet, I did not crave all the delicious things I was missing. So why am I this time around? I just don't get it.

I went to a networking event for work tonight. I ate before I went, so I wasn't hungry, but there was so much free food and alcohol. I did not eat or drink anything, but I didn't realize how hard business development and networking is without a stiff drink in one's hand. My how the conversations flow more freely when the inhibitions disappear. Not the case when one is standing within a circle of wine glasses, sipping tap water with a garnish of lemon. It really is a different world altogether. (and yes I did suck that lemon dry)

Aside from these delicious encounters, I have noticed something rather useful. Prices change dramatically in every store from week to week. Now, I always knew that prices change frequently, but I lost all excitement for romaine lettuce when I saw that it jumped from 77 cents a head to $1.68 the next week. Way to go supply and demand and all that economic crap. (insert thumbs down here)

It must be extremely difficult for people to gauge how much to spend each week. Or what happens when you are almost out of money for the month, or are waiting to get paid? Its not like the grocery store is going to offer you its best prices. You really do have to be on top of the flyers all the time. Not to mention having to pay a visit to the stores at least once a week. So who from the working poor really has the time to do that?

What I ate today:

Breakie: 2 servings oatmeal, 1 whole wheat bun with 2 tbsp peanut butter
Lunch: soup(chicken and bok choy - 2 servings bok choy) with 2 servings rice
Snack: Grapefruit and kiwi
Dinner: Shepherd's pie (3 veg, 1 meat), 2 servings rice, 2 servings milk

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