Monday, February 8, 2010

Updating the dairy restriction......

The dairy restriction.... after comparing prices (sigh) in multiple locations and finding out that most places soy sell for double the cost of milk, I am disappointed and on $80.00 this month, $5 - 6 for 2L is not feasible.... but with a little hope I went in one more store and I found a great deal 4L for $4.99 although I've never heard of the brand I thought I couldn't pass it up :-) so in my basket it went. When I got home after my newly found great deal I wanted to try it.......... I was disappointed it is not comparable to my normal brand but it goes down good with a straw and is good in tea and 4L is equal to 16 cups. I'm good for 8 days. I also found a great deal on baby bok choy (0.99) so I cooked it and froze it in portion sizes using muffin tins (equal to 14 portions, wohoo), I think I planed better this week :-)

As Jeff stated we are starting the second week of the diet and I to have faced some temptations too..... Friday night I spent part of my evening with some friends, we normally order out and have a few beverages but last week was different, they ordered the norm and I let them know what I was doing and why and they were very supportive and proud. I ate my noodles and drank water while they ate their meal and drank beverages at first it was a little awkward but it passed and we all enjoyed ourselves. I had a great evening and I fell motivated now that I resisted my firsts major temptation....

snack 1: 2 slices of bread, 1 serving of baked beans
snack 2: 2 slices of bread with 1 serving of PB
snack 3: 3 servings bok choy
snack 4: 2 servings of pasta, 1 1/2 serving of ground pork, 1 serving crushed tomato
snack 5: 1 serving corn and peas
snack 6: TBD
drinks: 2 cups of soy, 3 glasses of water, 2 cups of tea, 2 cups of juice


  1. Was the milk you found Sunrise brand? A lot of the Asian stores carry that, and sometimes Superstore.

    You can also make soymilk yourself, or almond milk, or rice milk, with a blender and cheesecloth or old pillowcase.

  2. Hungry? You should blog your weight through this who thing!

  3. Hey Amateur Chef, We've been very careful about not announcing how much weight we have lost because we don't want people to think that this is a "vanity" diet and we are trying to drop weight. We are doing this to raise awareness about eating healthy on a limited budget. Can it be done? However, I will tell you that last year when we did this, each of us lost 12 to 15 pounds each in one month.

  4. pdw
    very helpful, after reading your comment I searched out some recipes and it is quite a simple process and I will try it after the month end as food is expensive and I can't afford to cook something and throw it away if it doesn't work. I will let you know how it turns out :-D