Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My restricted diet: no dairy

It is with great pleasure and excitement I am going to give this challenge 100%. The fact that we are raising money and awareness for the Edmonton food bank is great. I never have really followed the Canadian food guide and thanks to reading and Jeff I am learning quite a bit about basically how to portion food. Good Luck Tracy and Jeff.

I think a bit of a challenge will be fulfilling the dairy category as I am allergic to dairy and I honestly don't eat or drink soy/rice/almond beverages, "cheese" yogurt ect... and comparatively soy products are quite a bit more expensive and some brands are just plain gross......... and expensive to experiment with. But I will put my best foot forward and attempt to fulfill my 2 milk and alternative category daily :-) you may ask how does one get their calcium? veggies, beans salmon, almonds, rice, nuts ect...

I will be clipping coupons and getting them online in the very very near future.

Breakfast snack: 1 serving of rice, 1/2 serving of beans
Lunch: 2 servings of mixed veggies, 1/2 serving chicken
Snack: 2 servings of bread, 2 servings of peanut butter, 2 servings juice
Snack: 1 serving of rice, 1/2 serving of beans, 1 serving of egg, one serving soy
Snack: 1 avocado, 2 servings juice, 1 serving bread
Snack: 3 servings of mixed veggies (corn, peas and carrots) 1 serving of pasta

6 glasses of water and I need a little more balance of the food groups.

Day 3 and doing great.


  1. You eat rice for breakfast instead of the regualar breakfast foods? Mmmh, I envy you. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I'll do anything to avoid oatmeal. Glad to have you join this venture Lorianne.

  2. I figure the Dairy section of Food Guide is only there because of dairy industry input in Food Guide's design. Calcium or protein grouping would make more sense!
    Good luck to you. I fed a family of 4 on social assistance on from scratch, home cooked everything. Can be done with ingenuity but it's exhausting.

  3. Hey guys, my name is Victoria. I'm a reporter... I work for a paper called Metro. There isn't any easy contact info for any of you on this blog, but I'd like to speak with one of you today (Feb. 4).

    Could someone drop me a line at I'd like to chat about what you're doing...


  4. YAY guys, i love this! keep up the killer work!!

  5. Lorianne, there's a tofu factory in Edmonton's Chinatown that makes soy milk. It's probably cheaper, fresher and has less preservatives than store bought milk.

    Ying Fat Tofu Factory
    10512 98 AVE
    Tel: 780-425-9489